August 14, 2012

Strangers Will Be Shot.

Tora datang lagi! 

Before continuing the entry,

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan walaupun tinggal berapa hari ja lagi nak Raya nye pun!
Ah pedulik.

I'm Liyana (read : Puteri), I'm an internet addict.

I'm on Twitter and Facebook round the clock if ever I'm awake. If I stay offline for quite long, trust me, its either sleep, or my Blackberry is out of battery. My parents both seem to not comprehend of this addiction. Boy, they both haven't seen my brothers. I tweet more than they are, but Facebook less.

So earlier tonight, mom came into the room to get some stuff, seeing me smiling while eyes on the laptop's screen. I was replying to some tweets and most tweets were funny. Plus I was watching final episode of my regular Korean drama that I've avidly follow. Therefore, more smiles. I'd smile to myself whenever watching love stories on screen cuz I'm hopeless romantic liddat. Deal with it.

"Hang main apa duk mengadap laptop ja"
"Laa..twitter ja. Takdak apa pun"

As if mom knows what Twitter is. She knows Facebook though since I opened for her, her own Facebook account.

"Ha..ada boyfriend pa. Duk chat ngan boyfriend apa"

She have no idea that I've broke up with Danial months already. Even SIL was shocked to hear. I've made it clear that when it comes to my own personal heart matter ( read : love life ), I'd keep it as quiet as I can. I'm not the type who'd go on Facebook and being mushy mushy there. Save it for the late night pillow talk calls. I only told few about the break ups.

So, I can feel my face was not as smiling as before. It changed almost immediately upon hearing the "Boyfriend" word.

" Mana ada. Internet ja pun"
" Takkan takdak boyfriend? Takkan anak mak ni tak laku kot?"

Mak, senang ja nak tau anak mak ni duk bercinta. Takyah Facebook pun takpa. Tak payah abang Noeh sebok merepot pun takpa. Takpayah mak tanya kat Noremon tengok gambaq kat Facebook. Mak tengok kalau tangan duk melekat kat phone 24/7, duk melepak dalam bilik pintu kunci, tetiba dari selekeh duk bersiap siap bagi berjenis sikit kat rumah tu, yes, then am in relationship. Yang tukang merepot, sebokla merepot, tengok apa jadi?

Back to the story.

" Takdak "
" Betul takdak? "
" Cari la boyfriend sorang satgi jadi anak dara tua. Mak takmau"

Pergh. Terbeban.

" Tak mau. Nak duduk dengan mak! Sampai tua pun duduk dengan mak!"
" Eh takmau aku bela hang sampai tua"

Then mom left the room.

I guess being single for so long after committing into a relationship that I treasured so dearly, turned me into a potato couch when it comes to searching for the one. Along the way ( read : post break up moments ) yes, I've got to know few guys and came to have interest with them. Rejected, being lied to ( read : too good to be true, turned out he's cheating on girlfriend with me), friendzone, whatnots. Danial's case perhaps was a rush decision at the wrong time and we both are better off as friends. I'm not gonna blaming anyone but me in this. I'm too comfortable being on my own. Being able to make own decisions with any commitments to another party except for friends and family.

Yes there are times when I need someone the most.

Nonetheless, am not, never in rush. Friends urging me to have one ( read : significant other ), so that we can go on double dates and have fun talking behind each other's beau behind their backs. Being alone when going out with friends and their boyfriends have become no problem for me. I'd check with each other, the friend and friend's love of life, about me tagging along. If they're fine, then I am. Third wheel ( read : pathetic ). Yeah, I know, tell me bout it. Fran Fine would slapped the back of my head for being such a nuchslep!

I guess mom is worried. She used to have the same worry for Noremon and I'm guessing for myself that I've told myself repeatedly that it is okay to stay as one man show ( read : single ) until I meet someone. Or, later, when I'll be working, by then, I should start to worry.

I avoid having friends to match make me with someone. Its not that I'm not adventurous enough but, trust me, am still having some inferior issues. I can be a pushover. I can be too modest. I can be too naive. I can be loud. Basically, at some point, I can be somewhat a mess. I don't go out ( socialize ) as much as I was back when in high school.

Perhaps, I expect too much from a guy.

All in all.
If there will be someone, there will be.
Let's just keep on getting to know everyone. Appreciate people more.

Lets just let me finish dealing with degree's thesis paper first.
Am not going anywhere, anyway.

Hi strangers. No, don't worry, I won't shoot you. No, not directly to you.
To your heart, maybe. Who knows?

I'm Liyana ( read : Puteri ).
Nice meeting you.

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