December 23, 2013

twenty three on twenty thirdth

time does fly huh?

before anything, I lost my aunt to cervical cancer just hours after I've posted the last entry on the blog. comes new year next week, will be two months since we've lost her. AlFatihah for my late aunt, Latiffah binti Hj. Abdullah. She was 48.

and I'm turning twenty three today!
Alhamdulillah, You're (Allah) the Greatest and Most Generous.

I spend my last hours of being twenty two just laying around at home, mind-crossing every checklist I've created when I turned 22 last year. Went to dinner with friends and had a good laugh. 

Sheez, I've experienced a lot this year!

I got to vote, planned a wedding with some friends, first time I've driven a car, dealing with superiors that I've never thought I'd come across, etc.

I had super fun. 

Since I'm writing this birthday entry, why not few shout outs to some people that are really close and dear to my heart.

(here we go!)

Mak - for hanging there and went through a lot of pain in order to make sure I came out into the world. for everything that you do, thank you and massive hugs and kisses! and not to forget for pestering me to find someone to marry! Words cannot measure how much I love you.

Ayah - for all those nights you tucked me to sleep, pocket allowances, washing my school's shoes, paying for everything and driving me EVERYWHERE I want to go, and of course everything (the list could just go on and on). thank you and massive hugs and kisses as well! thank you too for NOT pestering me. I know you wont let me marry soon. *wink*. 

The Family - no gifts, no talk! (JOKE!!)

Besties - Anie (best of lucks for finals!), Yatie, Tiqah, Awaa, The 5UK gang (Zati, Zie, Yana, Wan), Fatin, Janna, Nuril, Anis, Mona, Sarah babe, Fiza

Buddies - Ariff Azmir, Izzat Fahmy, Putra, Fizi, Umar, Syarifol, Irsyad, Syafiq and the rest of the gang.

Mint - :) Trying so hard to be the first one to wish. so cute.

Thanking you (guys) is never enough but it's at least that I can do right now. Just know i love each and everyone of you.

There were some ups and downs moments, 
but without them I would never grow to be the person I am today.

May Allah grant me another blissful year ahead, amin.

p/s. I LOVE CHEESECAKE. geddit? :p

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