February 3, 2014

Turning Over.

People say,
that it is never too late to make fresh start.

I don't know about anyone else, but for me, I've been trying hard to press the reset button, at many occasions, for many different reasons.

Few days back, I talked to my brother about how life has affected us, being/making what we are today. I told him that I've one only regret in life, but I tend no to think about it because I'll end up blaming some one else about it. He reminded me not to regret about decisions I made especially those life-turning ones. Me being what I am today, as a result of those decisions and roads I took upon years back.

Recently I've called out one of the riskiest decision I've made in life, and I've never felt so assure about it since. But others will call me idiot for taking such risks.

It's not the risk, I'm thinking here.

Have you ever make a decision, you just cant quite say what the reason is, but you just know you've made the right move?

I can be wrong. 
I'll make mistake. Big mistake. I'll constantly will be wrong, half of my life.

and this just one of many thoughts/issues that's been wandering through my mind.

and despite all of these,
I just have to live with it (them).

p/s. I dont know if it's the devil's whispering or if it's my heart just had enough.

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  1. hey, i hope you'll be ok, whatever you decide. and don't ever stop writing. =)


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