March 4, 2013


Recently me and a few friends had a talk on priority in our life. Especially between friends and the significant others. Which is more important and which is influencing our daily life?

Normally at first I'd say the friends are major than the significant others. Most friends would agree the same. Seldom I heard them choosing the significant others, as it is a stereotype that we can't guarantee that the other half will be the one who will grow old together, playing chess, and bickering together with us.

I always imagine what my old days would be. This imagination somewhat portrayed by Ted Mosby, where me and le husband will just sit on the swing, his wrinkled hand and mine are gently holding one another, no talk, just smiles. And we will sit back, reminisce the younger us, the day we met and how deeply in love we both are. Then few close friends of us will come over the house and make the world merrier, each telling about how awesome our grandchildren are. Laughters. Laughters. Heh, I reckon I'd be much comel in future than I am now. HAHA. Again, laughters. Pity le future husband, he'd be married to such "ditimpa perasaan" girl.

This thought changes my perspective on the priority between friends and le beau-friend.

Gradually I think of putting the significant other more on top than friends is anything but wrong. The more I think, the more I'm agreeing. Yes, balancing between those two some times can be challenging but I seem to consider few aspects.

We often consult to the significant others about our problems, which shows us that we have a great deal of trust to the other half rather than friends. Not all friends can be our person. It's not every day we can find our own version of Christina Yang as we become the us version of Meredith Grey.

I myself are not sure of having my own person. My own Christina Yang.

'cause all this while (before), I've put my trust on my Derek (Shepherd). You get what I mean?

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