August 30, 2014

Growing Old

We're approaching the end of third semester of 2014 already. 
Wow! Time does fly.

Come to realize I have to face the fact I'm still in school, which I was supposed to graduate a year ago.

Why you ask? Don't ask.

InsyaAllah this will be the end. And after, I will have to really dig into my mind of what I really want to pursue for the rest of my life. I take my steps real slow this time. little steps. No rush. I have some plans. And I hope I can carry out those plans after graduating.

Meanwhile, friends are getting hitched left and right at the moment. Everyone is getting engaged or getting a husband/wife! Phew! Such pressure! Not that I am in rush to join the club, but little by little, I have this feeling, the feel of losing my friends. No more late night lepak sessions where we go nuts eating nasik lemak non stop and talking about "grownup" stuffs and go home by subuh time. No more "lets go" trips and adventure together. 

Tapiiiiii..I'm happy for everyone. Genuinely happy.

Perhaps we cant go all crazy but we can still meet up over some sessions kan~

And most of my closest friends are still not married/engaged yet. But soon they are. Cause every time we meet marriage talks are always the topic.

(Sigh) we're growing old.

I'm growing old.

and I'm not turning 24 til December.
Perhaps this is just me. kan.

Then kenapa mak tiba tiba tanya pasal boyfriend/bila nak kahwin lepas dah setahun lebih tak sentuh topik percintaan? 

p/s. lambat lagi. its been only three months.

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