March 10, 2015

two thousand and fifteen

It has been awhile!
I'm indeed, still alive and kicking.

Alhamdulillah, managed to complete my studies, despite all the drama I've been through last semester with studios and everything. Even the result couldn't make me happier.

Am not rushing to make myself sitting behind a desk, the 9-5 routine, even haven't start working on my portfolio yet. I've been busy. Sleeping. No, not really. Just kidding. I went straight home to Perlis after submitting my hardcover thesis to my coordinator, (bless you Doc Mat, for the marks you gave me despite the lousy student I was when you first met me), for my MUET exams and stayed for a fortnight. I've rarely been home since I started spending my sem's break working part-time. So, I took some time off, just to be with family especially for Mak. 

Between friends' weddings, eating, planning my future, we've (I live with my elder brother since I moved to Shah Alam five years ago) moved ourselves into new home, from Kristal in seksyen 7, to Setia Alam. I literally can walk to Setia City Mall, it is so near. So after MUET, I was busy moving, sleeping (I'm a Snorlax, what can I do? And I think I have a Jigglypuff trailing me from behind because I woke up with panda eyes every day now. Hmm.....) and driving back and forth to places. I guess, I'll just have to squeeze in some time to redo my portfolio works.

So far 2015 has been treating me nicely, I couldn't ask for more, Had an awesome birthday treat last December. Life has been such a bless. A bit short on money, but I've something in mind for that. Besides, Mak definitely wont let me starve to death I am sure!

I think I have to start exercising, getting myself physically fit. It has been years since I truly exercise. Starting with jogging, perhaps badminton dates, find myself a climbing partner or hiking. I have to! I need to! This body is turning weak already. Couldn't even walk so far without being breathless! Where did the 'fit puteghii' go to? *sigh*

p/s. does anyone actually read this (blog)? hmm. 

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  1. p/s : ada ja dOk baca blOg hang, dh lama jgk aku x baca, hahahah


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