December 7, 2018


As she lays, she dwell on the bedside,
Why she feels what she felt inside,
Emotions all collide,
Is everything going to be alright?

She turns and look over the frame,
Picture perfect filled with smiles and grin,
Everything now feels like feign,
Is she dwelling in thoughts too much again?


It's true that she shouldn't dwell in thoughts and let herself drown. Letting her emotions consume all of her beings. Or maybe she couldn't help it but to think. Her days are filled with it. As if it's haunting and she's stuck in a labyrinth. Or maybe she's just built that way. Or maybe she's thinking all the things (/memories) that's making her stay. Or maybe everything doesn't as she imagined. 


This happens kalau simpan sendiri. Maklumlah takda life nak bawa diri lari. Coping mechanism berubah ubah seiring menginjak usia. Mungkin sedang fasa quarterly life crisis.  Macam biasa, bukan salah sendiri, cari benda deflect blame. Kali ni mari salahkan fasa umur. 

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